A fun look at art, entertainment, and life! When ever I turn on that mic or camera something special is going to happen! Est in 2007, originally created as a video show and expanded to radio in 2011 and growing! We're working hard daily to find quality programming and content to bring you back again and again! 


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Every Sunday 12pm est/9am pst

"Everything She Said" is a term that means what she has just said perfectly sums up my own feelings, beliefs, or opinions (about something). Used especially when the other person's remark is more complicated, eloquent, or detailed than one would have been able or bothered to articulate. We will discuss entrepreneurship, life, and different events from a Biblical perspective along with special guests!
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Every Sunday 9am est/6am pst

What’s going on family! I’m Darin Florence and I’m simply going to get my praise on with you each and every week! This is, "I Want To Praise You"! As always you can expect to hear from the crew, Comedian Jeff Giant, Hallerin Hill, and Dr. Milton Brown! You're really going to love this one!
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Tuesday 6:30 pm est/3:30 pm pst.

Welcome to your weekly dose of Music Is The Key! The vinyl selections during this show express the eclectic taste of our host! What a beautiful time to be alive where we can all communicate and share music virtually just for you! On behalf of MITK, thanks for your support! 100% interactive so get down with us and join the show live right here on YouTube or Twitch every Tuesday 6:30 pm est/3:30 pm pst.


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