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The Reddings - Make Plans For Me Too

As many of you know, (or soon to discover) my show Night Rides & Slow Jams is a passion project! Many times it’s been said, “Daryle you don’t share who you are!” or “Why do you hold things inside?”. Those are all valid questions depending on the person and circumstance, but Night Rides is always a place I felt was a safe space for me. There I could be exactly who I was with no fear of being me and not who I had to be.

I always build an episode around a song in my record collection and let the wave ride from there! This episode was special because there were actually two songs that touched me! The first being, The Reddings - Make Plans For Me Too on the 1983 Believe In A Dream/Epic Records release, Back To Basics! If the title of the song doesn’t draw you in, the masterful musicianship crafter with beautiful harmonies will draw you in!

I’ve always said, “I love this era of music because men (black men), weren’t afraid to be vulnerable on a record and this is an excellent example of a brother wanting to spend time with his woman! If you see any album by The Reddings in your local record store or whenever you purchase music, support!

Be sure to check out Night Rides & Slow Jams 45 to hear The Reddings - Make Plans For Me Too and the entire episode of beautiful R&B music!

Check out this video clip of this beautiful song in it’s entirety!

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