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The R&B Experience

I was listening to the R&B Money Podcast a couple of weeks ago when I heard this statement by Omarion, "you got to really love in order to tap in to R&B". I 100% percent agree with the entire statement, even the words I left out! I've said privately in recording sessions (especially here in LA) that it's a huge void of love today. Either people have been hurt to the point that they just except anything or it's let me get rid of you before you hurt me. No time to learn one another or even working through differences. No wonder I'm such a weirdo to people! To move in love is such a wonderful place to be! I'm never in any situation to "take advantage" of anyone! I'm not a thief. If I'm there know that love is present which automatically "gives" the advantage to whom ever I'm working or sharing my time with. I've been told to my face no one wants to hear emo songs or Don’t nobody wanna hear that shit! Hahahahaha love man! It's such a rare commodity out here, but as long as I'm here the R&B experience and love 😉 will be present!

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