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Take It Out On The Groove Is Officially Cadillacc Music!

Updated: Jan 10

So for the last couple of years along with the assistance of Mike and Denise I’ve been looking for the proper place to take my shows.

Twitch, YouTube, Blast Radio, and Amazon Podcasts all were utilized and added, but I kept telling Denice I felt like everything I was doing was in vain because we now live in a society where everyone now broadcasts.

Where could we go that is respected and artistry is welcomed?

It had gotten so bad that Night Rides wasn’t even fun and I was turning artist I wanted to speak to down because I couldn’t give the artists or the audience my all for Take It Out On The Groove!

Well, I'm proud to announce that although I won't be bringing Night Rides & Slow Jams back on a regular basis, I WILL be broadcasting 10p - 12a Mon - Fri on Snoop Dogg's Cadillacc Music on Dash Radio! All you have to do is go to the App Store & Download! It's free! Hahahahaha

Thank you all for your years of support! We kick off Tuesday Night! ✌🏽

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