Night Rides 51 Feature Tracks: 10dB - I Burn For You

Updated: May 6

These Wednesday evening Night Rides & Slow Jams dates on Blast Radio have been really fun! This show is loaded top to bottom of songs that make senses at this particular moment of my life!

Today’s feature comes from 1989 on the Crush Music label, 10dB - I Burn For You. Weirdly enough, this jam is the last song on the album. In my opinion it’s probably the strongest track on the album! I knew absolutely nothing about this group before I blindly purchased this album last week locally here in Los Angeles. This was the only album released by the group and three singles from this project was released with, I Burn For You being the first in 1988.

When choosing songs for the show, I always listen for at least one of the tracks to have that “Night Rides Sound”! I Burn For You checked all those boxes and more! Taste It! #nightridesandslowjams #daryle #theymightbetaping #radioshow #quietstorm #tmbt10 #10dB #asplayedonnightrides #rnb

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