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I Love You Mike & Denise! This Is For You!

It's a blessing anytime you can work with your friends! Mike & Denise are much more than that to me! Therapist, business partners, managers, nags, etc...(hahahaha)! I don't let too many get close anymore so I value true friendship. Although I'm very happy for the opportunities they have leaving for the UK , selfishly I am saddened I won't have them around for our get togethers and gigs anymore! I apologize for my distance over the last couple of weeks. I had to process the fact that you all we're going to be there as you were in both Atlanta and LA throughout the years. You'll always be my family! Love you both! Mike you've been my guy guy since 95! Denise however many hours away you'll still find a way to get on my nerves and I'll still be a brat! hahahaha This episode has all three of our personalities all over it! This is for you!

Daryle aka "D"

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