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Bernard Wright - After You

When you share music, the one question you get the majority of the time is, "what's your favorite song?". Depending on when my mind is, thousands of songs can float through my head at anytime, and that's why I normally reserve music conversations to interviews or a trusted handful of mutants that don't dispute your choices because it wasn't deep enough (hahahaha). That song for me is "After You" by Bernard Wright. Musically it places me in the "Night Tracks" video show time period of the 80's, but the lyrics are what truly hit me, "No one else but you, No one will do...After You, No One Else Will Do". Yes! Simple, but powerful! I've unfortunately felt this way (who am I kidding and it still plagues me) and it touched that side of me that I tend to want to hide, the lover. That's a post for another day, but yeah get down with the song that's number 1 one my list, After You by Bernard Wright.

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