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2023 Energy

This is my energy approaching every gig, project, and unsolicited piece of advice this year! Ain't no friends in the ring! Hahahahaha the nice guy is no more! Last year I began the process of separation from many people and places. Some of what I perceived as love or friendship wasn't for my best interest. We have to be very careful of whom we allow to speak to our lives. We also have to be careful of what we share with others. Everyone don't need to know all of your business. We all have to do what's best for our personal well being. I'm on track to make sure mine is where it needs to be for my future! Keep that bs over there! I have a great life coach that not only has no problem placing boot to ass when need, but is also very supportive of when I achieve a goal we spoke on. This is the only person I'm comfortable sharing with at this point of life. I would rather not have seasonal or for the moment associations anymore. I can always feel it, but I don't always listen. That's not what's healthy for me.

Love somebody, but ain't no friends in the ring!

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