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Making new friends one song at a time!


"I truly believe in giving my all to whatever I put my hands to. It's that work ethic and a foundation of love that's truly gotten me this far!" -daryle

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Daryle, a Producer/Engineer and Vinyl Selector with over 25 yrs of broadcast radio experience based out of Los Angeles, California. Not only does he love to share 80's funk, boogie, disco, and soul, but he also loves to create music in the same spirit as his forefathers before him.

Growing up in a household that embraced r&b, gospel, jazz, and pop Daryle's love for the music was recognized at an early age, but it was the music he learned singing and playing in the church that laid the foundation. There he'd learned vocals, chords, and percussions. It's also there he also developed his love for the bass guitar watching Alex Evans (current and longtime bassist for Patti LaBelle). Through those techniques learned in the church, Daryle went on to not receive multiple chorus honor awards but sang in a gospel group called, Victory (named after a song from his favorite gospel recording artist, Commissioned). It is also in the church where he first learned sound engineering and recording taught to him by Michael Jones and the late Elmus High. He took those skills with him and has been blessed to have the opportunity to record/engineer many live events and studio sessions, including the mixing consoles at the world-famous, Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA!


In 2007, Daryle had the bright idea of starting a YouTube channel called, They Might Be Taping. The early days focused on life in the recording studio with MA$E (whom he was also over Audio/Video Ministry at his church, S.A.N.E. Church International). The concept came to him after hearing a song from E-40 titled, They Might Be Taping in 2006. He later met E-40 at an industry event and showed him the logo, got his blessing, and the rest was history! Years later after a conversation with his mentor and friend, Dám-Funk in 2010, Daryle decided to expand his video platform into audio also with a radio show/podcast in 2011, "They Might Be Taping Presents...". He spun the music and quickly established the respect of the artist that made the music with interviews from the late Kashif, James Mtume, Jody Watley, Rahni Song, Michael Cooper of Con Funk Shun, Steve Arrington from Slave, and Martha Wash to name a few! Sharing and preserving the history of R&B is real to him! As time elapsed, "TMBT Presents..." became "Take It Out On The Groove", named after a song Dam-Funk put on a mix years prior and he also created his show, Night Rides and Slow Jams in 2015 to highlight the sultry side of R&B! Daryle also has shared his platform, They Might Be Taping with many creatives throughout the years providing them with an avenue to share their creativity! From relationship shows, sports, and self-help, TMBT wasn't always just a music platform. 

Daryle has also established himself as a funkster throughout the US and abroad sharing sets in cities like Brooklyn, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, London! He's held down residencies across the city of Atlanta including the weekly all-vinyl funk, boogie, disco, soul party called, The Get Down Atlanta! He sites Mitch Faulkner, popular radio dj and creator of' "The Blue Lights In The Basement House Party" radio show along with Derrick Jonzun "Lost In The 80's" radio show as his inspiration for sharing music!  In 2017 alone,  he enjoyed bringing live all-vinyl funk sets for A3C 2017, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Chic ft Nile Rodgers 2054 Tour Official After Party, and opening for The APX Music album release party! It was also common to catch him in studio recording and on tour with Capitol Records recording artist, Jimi Cravity as a member of the Jimi Cravity Band playing the bass synth, bass guitar, and DJ. Together they’ve played many events including The Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Billboard (NYC), TBN (L.A.), and BET (NYC) on tour. Since returning to Los Angeles, he's had the opportunity to share sets at Holiday Bar, Melody Lounge, Salt Box Records, EOLA, The West Adams Block Party, The Shortstop, Townhouse, Blue Agave (Ventura), El Indio and Next Round Bar (Santa Ana), and Darlings and Bar Ya Sabes (Long Beach).

Music is the core of what makes Daryle move and spreading love and kindness is what he does! Alriiite!!!

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